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August '02: Commute study, PRT model, Poskey => T2K, BART, WDC, ULTra $, commute hell

June '02: "Washington Smiles for Cities21"

From TransitPulse, News from the Automated People Mover Industry, June '02 issue: "While in Washington representing the Advanced Transit Association (ATRA), Jeral Poskey visited the offices of several members of the U.S. Congress. He specifically requested support for funding for Cities21, a non-profit advocacy group for transportation and land use planning in Palo Alto, Calfornia. The response was very positive. "We had great verbal endorsements from the House and Senate. There's still a ways to go, but the ball is rolling in our favor."

What will come of this? Final approval of a $200,000 grant would not happen for eleven months, at the earliest. It is an encouraging sign that elected Federal officials are willing to give time and energy to support innovative local projects.

Updated commute shed map - 6/02

March '02: Cities21 presents U.C. Davis Transportation Seminar

$68M in ULTra Funding! 3/02

January '02: 1 km test track in Cardiff, Wales - 1/17/02

December '01: Very preliminary Stanford Research Park commute shed map

October '01: U.C. Berkeley ASCE presentation

September '01:Stanford Research Park commute origination study is underway!

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June '01:

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Poskey becomes ATRA Executive Director. PRT transit showcased at the July 7-11 San Francisco Automated People Movers Conference. Raney heads for Berkeley. Details.

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