Cities21 Team Members

Steve Raney, email: cities21 at cities21 dot oh ar gee

  • The Cities21 web is dedicated in loving memory to Diana Raney Smith

  • Principal Consultant, ATS Inc. (makers of ULTra - urban light transit)

  • Profile: - (Microsoft, Citigroup, 3 Masters: Berkeley Transportation Planning, Columbia MBA, RPI Computer Science)

  • Palo Alto native: born @ Stanford, El Carmelo elementary, Jordan, Paly, home: Crescent Park. Worked 3 summers at old Page Mill Kodak plant; former frequent trail runner at The Dish. 

  • Cities21 was inspired by concern about the future livability of the Bay Area for daughter Emma. green favorites.

James Louis Galanis, Ph.D.

  • Senior Market Research positions at eBay, Intel, and Electric Power Research Institute

  • State of Utah, Department of Natural Resources

  • James L. Galanis & Associates

  • Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates

  • Adjunct Professor of Economics, Gore School of Business (Westminster College, Salt Lake City)

  • Lecturer in Economics, San Francisco State

  • Research & consulting interests: Energy Security; Operations Research; Environmental Economics; Regulatory Economics; Industrial Organization; Public Finance; Transportation and Land-Use Planning; Energy, Resource, and Environmental Economics; Engineering Economics; Econometrics; Multivariate Statistics; Survey Research

  • University of Pennsylvania, M.S. and Ph.D. (Energy Management & Policy)

  • Ecole Nationale Superieure du Petrol et des Motors (Courses and Dissertation)

  • Columbia College (Columbia University), B.A. Political Science

  • Palo Alto native: Garland elementary, Jordan, Paly, 5th generation Californian

David Maymudes


  • Author Stanford Research Park "figure 8" PRT simulation

  • Software Developer, Taxi2000

  • Microsoft Sr. SW Architect, DirectX, Video for Windows

  • Board Member, Advanced Transit Association

  • BA Harvard, Mathematics

Jeral Poskey

Members Emeritus: Joe Kott, Tom Richert, Mary Bell Austin, Forrest Deuth, Busy Burr