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Emeryville sketch

PRT (personal rapid transit) is an electric, 200-mpg-equivalent, elevated transit system with many 4-person vehicles. First deployment of the ULTra PRT system is scheduled for London Heathrow Airport in 2010, to serve Heathrow's new Terminal 5. Working as circulator transit for office parks, airports, universities, and other major activity centers, PRT is faster than a car. In these applications, PRT makes carpooling and transit more effective, by solving the "last mile problem." PRT also enables longer bike commutes and shopping trips. An introductory 3-minute PRT youtube video can be found at:

Proposed is a 28 station, 9 miles one-way guideway PRT system, serving the EmeryGoRound stops:


Aerial image with PRT sketch, 8.1 MB, 5K x 6K:

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