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Oct 09: Boston Globe PRT Overview Article

"Invasion of the pod car," Oct 4, 2009:

"The dream of personal rapid transit picks up speed"

Boston Globe, The U.S.'s 17th largest paper prints a long-form (2,200 word) Sunday feature on PRT, accurately balancing blemishes and potential. An historical perspective on the 40 years of mostly-failed PRT attempts is provided. In arguing for "momentum," the three current PRT projects with customers are listed: London Heathrow (opens Spring 2010), Masdar ecocity, and Suncheon, South Korea. In addition, the Swedish government announced intent to build a system. U.S. PRT interest in San Jose, Mountain View, Santa Cruz, and Ithaca is cited.

U Penn's Vuchic: "I just don't believe that it's a feasible system"

"In recent years, technological advances have made it more feasible to operate such an apparatus safely. Myriad elements - propulsion systems, command-and-control software, position and speed sensors, communication between the vehicles, and centralized computers - have all become increasingly sophisticated." - Boston Globe writer Tuhus-Dubrow.