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PRT, GRT, APM, AGT Defined

PRT: personal rapid transit - two to five people per vehicle, station bypass

  • ULTra (Heathrow is a customer, revenue service projected for spring 2010)
  • Vectus (Suncheon, South Korea is a customer)
  • 2getthere (Masdar ecocity is a customer, revenue service expected soon)
  • Skyweb Express (60' test track in MN)
  • Skytrans at Moffett Field NASA Ames Research Park (looking for angel round funding)
  • Etc


Some are attempting to change the moderately effective name "personal rapid transit" (shortened to the ineffective "PRT") into the ineffective name "podcars." By marketing theory standards "Skyweb Express" provides a descriptive and benefits-oriented brand name, per Jack Trout's classic marketing/branding book entitled, "Positioning". Trout lists Ultrabrite toothpaste and Eveready batteries as examples of effective benefits-oriented brand names. For truly new products such as PRT, Trout advises it is often better to tell the prospect what the product is not, rather than what it is: "horseless carriage" for the first automobile; "leadfree" gasoline; "offtrack" betting.

Someone listed Morgantown GRT as "quasi-PRT" on the PRT wiki: . This may be confusing.

GRT (group rapid transit) - 6 to 25 people per vehicle, station bypass

  • Cybertran in Alameda, CA
  • The Morgantown System in operation since 70's (Nixon administration rush job). The most popular academic paper on Morgantown GRT. "Morgantown People Mover - Updated Description," TRB 1/05. Paper: 1.7MB:
  • Morgantown GRT was named PRT for political purposes so that UMTA could outflank Aerospace's competing "true PRT" design proposal (see USC Prof Catherine Burke's Innovation & Public Policy book for gory details:, but the Morgantown vehicles hold 21 students, so are not PRT. Perfectly confusing.


AGT - automated guideway transit.


  • An individual AGT system can be automated but not have station bypass, so not qualify as PRT or GRT. When you stop at every station, you tend to lose the ‘R' for "rapid." The term AGT is a superset of PRT and GRT.
  • There are many airport people movers in the world that are AGT, and they are also automated people movers (APM).