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Toyota Robotaxi Intelligent Agents Solve Soccer Rendezvous

In the reduced-car-ownership 2025 subscription economy, intelligent agents access mom & dad's e-mail, calendar and GPS coords to optimize the "kids' soccer team rendezvous challenge," complete with a spoken-language-comprehending agent remedying a socially awkward business client interaction. Little Johnnie and Sally enjoy a robotically chauffeured trip to the soccer fields where they rendezvous with dad.

The Connected Car 2025 from John-Mark Agosta on Vimeo.

Google Now and Microsoft Cortana are but two examples of the promise of faster-than-real-time socially-intelligent agents - see the "Cortana is smarter than Siri" ad campaign:

Vimeo video from the Toyota InfoTechnology Center (Mountain View) and Lunar Design (San Francisco) 2025 Connected Car Workshop (Dec 2013).