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Virginia Finds PRT Viable

In January of 2009, the Commonwealth of Virginia's Legislature issued their second "Viability of PRT for Virginia" report.

Conclusion: "Interest and development of PRT appears to be growing around the world. With the inevitable construction of at least two systems and the testing underway of several others (although in most cases not at full scale), it can be argued that PRT is proving to be a feasible technology. The future of PRT, as with any other new technology, will require time to mature meaning that standards need to be developed, manufacturers and suppliers need to be put in place, and appropriate applications of the technology need to be considered. For the Commonwealth, the decision to pursue the implementation of PRT also depends largely upon funding availability.

The next step for PRT in Virginia is to determine if the Commonwealth is willing to provide funding, and/or attempt to pursue federal funding, for planning, research and development activities to better understand the costs and benefits of PRT. Public private partnership opportunities or partnerships with universities may be other possible opportunities. In terms of a location in the Commonwealth to conduct a pilot program, the Secretary of Transportation was provided in January 2008, with the consent of the House Transportation Committee, a proposed resolution for consideration requesting that Portsmouth be considered as one of the potential cities to conduct a pilot program. If a program is developed, other localities should also be made aware of the opportunity to participate."

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