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  • Metro Magazine, September/October 2005, "Transit gets personal."
  • Urban Transportation Monitor, July 22, 2005. Volume 19, Number 14. Page 7. "EPA Funds Study of PRT Connecting BART Station with Business Park in Bay Area. Resulting Increase in Transit Use Will Allow Infill Development Using Surface Parking Space."
  • MIT Technology Review, June 23, 2005, "Continuous Commuting" - "some intriguing ideas about how the mobile computing device that's already ubiquitous -- the cell phone -- could become a command station for or commuters trying to avoid congestion and spare the air."
  • SF Chronicle, Thursday, June 23, 2005. "UCSF plan to house its staff. Affordable units proposed by 2012 at Mission Bay." Cities21 quoted regarding the benefits of locating inexpensive housing next to jobs. Link.
  • The Independent (serving Livermore, Pleasanton, and Sunol), June 23, 2005. "Personal Rapid Transit Testing at Hacienda."
  • Contra Costa Times: June 18, 2005. "Pleasanton to analyze Personal Rapid Transit." Link. Also carried in sister publications such as the the Valley Times.
  • Planetizen: June 16, 2005. EPA awards Cities21 a “Transforming Office Parks into Transit Villages” grant.
  • EPA Press Release: EPA awards Palo Alto nonprofit $204,604 to study business park transit system, 6/16/05. Link
  • Seattle NPR Radio KUOW, The Conversation with Ross Reynolds. 1/27/05, 1PM, "Brainstorming Transportation Solutions." "Why are we at war in Iraq? At least partly it’s to ensure the continued flow of Middle Eastern oil to fuel our cars. But what if we weren’t so dependent on the car? Think of it! A new Middle East policy! No traffic jams! Cleaner air! We might even save money." David Maymudes on PRT, Steve Raney on digital hitchhiking. , MP3:


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