Letter expressing unanimous Milpitas City Council support!

City of Milpitas, 455 East Calaveras Blvd., Milpitas, CA 94035

May 1, 2001

Dear Cities21:

At its April 17, 2002, meeting, the Milpitas City Council heard a presentation on Cities21 and its proposal to establish a transportation corridor as a model for the rest of the Valley. This innovative and pioneering concept was brought to the Council's attention by Milpitas resident Rob Means.

The City Council was unanimous in its desire to encourage the founders and supporters of Cities21 in their efforts to address the transportation problems that impact the entire Santa Clara Valley. The members of the Council join me in commending Cities21 as you work to provide an alternative to the automobile and as you explore new technology for transit centered smart growth.

The members of Cities21 are to be applauded for your vision.


Henry C. Manyan, Mayor