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Silver Bullet Proposal: PRT Transforms Palo Alto's Stanford Research Park office park

A five-mile, $50M Personal Rapid Transit (PRT) "shuttle" system is proposed for Palo Alto's Stanford Research Park (SRP), complementing and significantly increasing the attractiveness of commuter rail, carpool, vanpool, bicycle, and bus commutes for the center's 20,000 employees. The office park is transformed into a transit village of two square miles. PRT provides non-stop, no-wait, 30 mph service over the commute's "last mile," and services mid-day trips. PRT is an emerging technology under development in Minnesota, Texas, and the United Kingdom.

A complex travel demand analysis was conducted on a sample of suburban employees, of which 89% drive alone. When presented with a hypothetical Year 2008 commute alternative scenario, where PRT solved the "last mile" problem and new mobility services solved specific objections, drive alone commutes dropped to only 45%. Extrapolating to the entire office park, 6,600 cars per day are removed, freeing 50 acres of parking for reclamation. Fare box, additional revenue, and cost savings total $16.9M per year, profitably covering PRT capital, operating, and maintenance costs. The model for Palo Alto plausibly translates to 200 other U.S. job-rich major employment centers.